Raduga Brewery emerged from passion for quality beer created without the use of artificial additives or cheap substitutes.
After the initial period of brewing beer at home, we started production on a large scale as a contract brewery. Before our first beer, Metropolis,was sold, we had already had a clear view of the brewery. We wanted to stand out with quality beer and beautiful labels. Not only are our labels inspired by cinematography but also the inside of the bottle tries to reflect the atmosphere of the selected film.

Przykładowe piwa

Our preferred hops for beer is American.

But we also experiment with hops from other regions of the world, with different types of tea, with spices and fruits.

We don't cut costs.

We do not save on hops or other ingredients of beer, we do not use inferior substitutes and additives of questionable quality. We check everything before it hits the vat.

We want our beer to always be of high quality.

We brew it for you just as we would make it for ourselves and we're happy to make the beer we always wanted to drink.




Screenplay and Direction

The brewery owner. A typical man - in his thirties he changed small pots to bigger ones and he does not cook in dishes below 30hl. He works hard all day, and in the evenings he still has to test beer.


Pictures and editing

Five years of working with children did not go to waste. Devising new weekly games is a daily bread also in brewing. Boredom is unacceptable and you have to face it. Andrew’s sister, obviously.